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Some predictions have been published in the Delaware County Times located in  Delaware County Pa. Do you know what has already come out for the year? All predictions are notarized for authenticity.

Here are some of my predictions, see which ones are familiar. Have fun!

You are special and you get to view my predicitons early this year. Happy New Year!


News around Andrew and the Presidents daughter,  Malai Obama 
Memphis is there a major problem with your sewer system?
Avalanche to happen will destroy many lives and property.
Let’s Pray that it does not happen.
More Biblical artifacts to be discovered. News around Able or the time period.
More  health problems with Michael Jackson’s mother, does not feel good.
The word or name Aloisa and or Aloysius appear.
Virginia Mason who are you?
Earth shattering news with  Venice.
What  health benefits are there in Daisies?
Michele Obama don’t cry, we support you.
Washington, please pay attention. I see warships around US and or US territory.
A U.S. major will hold a new position in the White House.
Vic will no longer play with Philadelphia Eagles.
Possibly a new superdome will be built.
China may approach the US and start new conversation.
Who is Jeremy Lyons?


NBC major turnaround
Wilmington N.C. something political
New Jersey political figure with health problems could be more than 1 person or ailment also new changes for New Jersey
News regarding Jesus or something related to the Bible. Ava Maria!
Russia someone with the letter "P" will have control, there will be yays and nays
Spain news of someone in the royal line, possibly a male
Anna, princess of England, she should watch her health and problems with husband
A ghost in the White House, already been seen by some.
October, major world wide event.
Earthquake in an area that is not common for such
Lionel Ritchie are you feeling ok?
Obama's mother -in-law some medical issues, possibly hospital stay
Oldest daughter, problem with foot or leg
Obama, I see a man over his left shoulder reassuring him that things will work out and be okay
Paul Neuman news around him even though he is past or his family
Something may be found around Beach area in Delaware, will have everyone curious and may be investigated.
Philadelphia Eagles will takeover in a "2"
Philadelphia Phillies someone with an "S" will be phenomanal
Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia, news around his wife, does he have 3 children?
Philadelphia Mummers, getting more recognition in the Country, better coverage
Kathie Lee is a granddaughter coming?
Boston, major failure with rail system
June, there may be news with China or a surrounding area
News around the Kennedy's
More sightings of the Blessed Mother, people should start to Pray to her, message will be revealed
Medical news involving the leg area-new procedure
More news around whales,black and white species
News with Normandy
Hillary are you having some problems, internally?
Chelsea possibly a little boy coming?
History repeating itself- "The Great Train Robbery"

These names appeared to me, I don't know why but may mean something:

Eva, Stanley, Leslie, Warrington, Masked Men, Jesuits, Hanover, China Manufacturer,Alabama, Marcy, Panama

The area of Virgina and Washington D.C. will need more attention.
The security measures in place are not up to par.More unusual activity.
There is an area to the right of the White House that is in need of focus.
Michaels will not run, he will get out of politics.
Louisiana may be hit with more hardships, yes, weather may strike again.
China may have a collapse within their government.
New natural resources will be made available coming from the area of Alaska.
This has been kept a secret.  We will utilize the resource.
Jonathon Winters will be in the news.
Vera Wang will have issues with either herself or family.
Charles Houston there will be information about this man.
News of someone with the name of "Samantha".
Rose Hurley news around her, possibly her health.
News with a Supreme Court Judge named "Smith".
An oil rig might have structural damage and collapse in the Gulf area.  This might be due to disturbances on the ocean floor.
Local star, Will Smith will battle something personal within his family, that will be made public.  People will sympathize with him.
Lots of changes around August.
The Dalai Lama will be accepted and given more support than he has in the past. His work and teachings definitely will be recognized in all parts of the world.
Changes in local government as far as practices, rules and regulations.
A local police department will be under investigation and scrutiny.
Extensive worked done on the Delaware River.  This is much needed.

Do you know how many of Jeanann's Predictions have come out? Let me know the first of the predictions to come out and win a reading. You must be the first to  post under comments in order to receive your free reading.

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