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"When it comes to working with the self... It is the self that must work."


 As Seen on  "America's Got Talent Psychic" and "Fox Good Day Philly"

This is a Video from Fox Good Day Philly on October 2017. Always trust your Psychic!


                         Jeanann is a MAL
                                      (Medium at Large) 

   What is a MAL?

 A medium is someone who can communicate with those that have passed into Spirit.
Skype Sessions are available from around the World!

Go to Events Page and see where Jeanann Appears.
Jeanann was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she started her psychic work. She continues to pass the word all over the world.

   Her psychic abilities have been passed down through her own family.  Jeanann's great-grandmother was well known on the West Coast many years ago.  Jeanann's own mother has been known to use her psychic abilities as well.

   Jeanann believes that she is the verbal end of God's stick.  She believes that we all have abilities that we can use when we choose to.  This very "Special Lady" believes her psychic gift is here to be used to help others, give them hope and to possibly make someone feel good about themselves.

   Jeanann has been featured on television, local newspapers, radio and restaurants.  She has traveled world wide and has been known by her work with International Companies, National and Local Organizations, Charities, Hospitals and Silent Auctions.

 Appearance on "America's Got Talent"and "Good Day Philly" Fox 29 was so exciting. I truly enjoyed the day with the crew and producers.

  View Jeanann's portfolio and you will understand why she is in such high demand! Please go to the Events page and see where Jeanann is today.


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                         610 522-9111. 

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      Call now and schedule. 610 522-9111

Jeanann was seen on Fox Good Day Philly on October 12th, 2015, January 3, 2013, 2016 and "America's Got Talent" on June 22, 2010 and had auditioned for the show in October 2009.  Thank you everyone for your support. Plese read the The Daily Times (Delco Times) my predictions were printed January 1, 2013.
Wow, good news from Fox Good Day Philly, Anchor Karen Hepp and Mike Jerrick. One of the predictions came true for each. The prediction for the Philadelphia Eagles has come true! Go Eagles!!!

Inquiries please  email:        jeanann@jeanannpa.com
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